Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company


The Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company is made up of members of our own community.  We take time out of our lives to train, have fundraisers, and to protect the community from fire, flood, and other disasters. 
To Protect the life and property of our family, friends and neighbors or anyone who may pass through our area. 
To Rescue life in danger from fire, flood, disaster, entrapment, or wherever else we are called to go.
To Protect properties, lives, and livelihoods with prevention through education and pre-planning of incidents.
Company Overview: 
The Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1959 by concerned citizens that were members of the Mathias Ruritan Club.  These first firefighters had no SCBAs, one truck, and ran originally out of a private citizen's garage at his personal residence. The Mathias Volunteer Fire Company later helped to start a Baker Volunteer Fire Department. Due to low numbers of volunteers and a need to protect the community, the Baker Volunteers joined the Mathias Volunteer Fire Company to help supply more firefighters, vehicles and responders for emergencies; uniting both companies under the banner of Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company.
Later  a group of emergency responders with-in the Mathias-Baker Fire Company would break away from the Fire Company and become its own organization, the Mathias-Baker Volunteer Rescue Squad. The Mathias-Baker Fire company now holds the largest first due response area in Hardy County.  We are still a 100% volunteer organization with absolutely none of our volunteers, officers, or support members being reimbursed for their services.  All of our volunteer members come to trainings, meetings, and run emergency calls because they care about our community and have a strong desire to help others.